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Version and commencement date of these Terms

User Registration Terms for Easy Scanner Account takes effect on November 20, 2017.

Welcome You to Register Easy Scanner Account!

Please carefully read User Registration Terms for Easy Scanner Account. If you register your Easy Scanner Account successfully, you signify your consent to these Terms.

Easy Scanner Account is provided by Bfery.

“Bfery or “We” refers to Bfery team in Ha Noi. The services we provide you with are the joint efforts of us.

“You” refers to the registered user of Easy Scanner Account.

“Easy Scanner app” refers to the software we provide to scan, recognize, administrate, store, convert and share documents, etc. and related internet value-added services.

In addition to these Terms, the Privacy Policy and other business rules we issued also constitute a part of these Terms. Please read them carefully.

I.    Service of Easy Scanner Account

Easy Scanner Account is the internet account which you need to sign in when you use some of the function and related internet services of Easy Scanner app. You can use Easy Scanner Account to carry out the function of storing, backing up and synchronizing your scan documents and relevant data, etc..

When using Easy Scanner app, you may process the data of personal information which belongs to you or your relatives and friends such as privacy information etc.. In order to provide You the service with individuation and privacy, some of our services need to be used after You sign in your Easy Scanner Account.

Some services of Easy Scanner app are provied for a fee. You could use your Easy Scanner Account to pay the related fees, and use the paid services with that Easy Scanner Account after your successful payment. You may only obtain such services after you have paid related fees in time and in full. About the paid service, we will ask your consent before charges. If you need any information or help, you may send an email to

II.    Registration, Use and Safety of Easy Scanner Account

You could register your Easy Scanner Account with Easy Scanner app.

You promise to offer your truthful information when registering Easy Scanner Account, and be willing to accept the adverse consequence to you as well as any damage to us or any third party, which are caused the false information you offered. When you start to use some services, we will verify your identity, and you promise to coordinate positively with us. If not, you will not be able to use such services.

You could sign in your Easy Scanner Account in Easy Scanner app to use relevant services. The details of using method and regular could be found in the help section.

You are required to keep the password of your Easy Scanner Account properly and be responsible for all the activities carried out under the Easy Scanner Account. You are kindly reminded to take specific measures to protect the safety of your Easy Scanner Account, including but not limited to proper keeping of account password, installation of anti-virus software and antispyware, changing password regularly and signing out after use, etc. If your Easy Scanner Account and password are embezzled, you shall be liable for all the liabiliites and consequences incurred during the period of embezzlement, unless you may prove such embezzlement is due to our intentional misconduct of gross negligence.

If you find that any person is using your Easy Scanner Account without authorization, please contact and notify us immediately at

III.    Privacy and personal information

We respect user’s personal privacy and will protect your privacy and personal information according to law. Please read our Privacy Policy carefully, which governs how we will deal with your information.

We specially remind you that the information you upload to Easy Scanner Account may be related to the personal information or privacy of others. We will not disclose such information you unpload without your authorization.

IV.    Providing services “as is”

Easy Scanner Account is provided on an “as is” basis based on the current technologies and conditions. We will use our best efforts to provide you with satisfactory services and ensure the consistency and safety of the services. Nevertheless we are not able to predict legal, technical or other risks, including but not limited to service interruption, data loss and other loss and risk as result of force majeure, virus, trojan, hacker attack, system instability, defect in third party services, and governmental act etc.. You explicitly understand and agree you will solely undertake any risks arising from the use of Easy Scanner Account and relevant services.

V.    Services provided by the third party

In Easy Scanner Account, we allow you to call related services provided by a third party such as map, news, searching, social network site website, and email services, etc. We will call the third party’s services in Easy Scanner Account based on the API provided by related company. The actual service will be provided by related third party. With regard to the terms and conditions for use of the services, please refer to the related service rules issued by such third party. You and/or related responsible party shall be liable for the problems or losses incurred arising from your use of any third party’s services, and we will not undertake any direct or indirect legal liabilities.

VI.    Contents produced by users

You are entitled to the copyright and other rights as to the lawful contents you upload to Easy Scanner Account.

The Contents Provider shall be responsible for any contents sent, uploaded, posted or released via Easy Scanner Account (including but not limited to business card information, email, message, material, literary works, software, music, sound recording, picture, graph, video, data, user’s registration information or other information, etc., hereinafter referred to as “Contents”), whether transmitted in public or in private, you shall ensure that you have necessary authorization to upload such Contents. You agree to indemnify against all losses (including but not limited to compensation, attorney fees) incurred by Bfery as a result of your activities. We reserve the right to review, screen, and delete the Contents or terminate the services pursuant to law.

As to the publicized contents, you agree to grant Bfery the world-wide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, sub-licensable and permanent license to use the same. We may decide at our own discretion to use (including but not limited to reproducing, adapting, amending, creating derivative works, and translating) and distribute these Contents. At the same time you authorize Bfery to file any action in its own name against any third party for the infringement upon the foregoing Contents and any of its derivative works and to receive all the compensations. You shall warrant that you have necessary authorization to grant such license to Bfery.

Notwithstanding the foregoing provision of reservation of rights, we will not necessarily use or distribute the Contents. Furthermore, such reservation of rights is only applicable to the Contents you have publicized rather than any personal information or privacy which has not yet been publicized.

VII.    Information storage and synchronization

1.    If you set up Easy Scanner app in your terminal device and sign in your Easy Scanner Account, the data information already stored by Easy Scanner app in your terminal device will be automatically added to your Easy Scanner Account and will be stored in our servers. Your Easy Scanner Account will be bound with such terminal device in default, but you may unbind in the setting by signing out.

2.    Our system will store, backup and recover data information based on your operation. Please read the user menu carefully to understand the default setting of the system and adjust the same based on your own preferences to properly use Easy Scanner Account. We remind you to backup your data by other means, and we will not be responsible for the data and other information you fail to store or deleted by you at your sole discretion.

VIII.    Code of conduct for users

1.    You shall abide by local laws and regulation during your use of Easy Scanner Account, and you shall not produce, duplicate, publicize or release sensitive information, illegal information or any information or material which a normal person considers as immoral, including but not limited to the following information:

(1)    Contravening the basic principles determined by the Constitution;

(2)    Endangering national safety, divulging state secret, overturning state power and sabotaging national unity;

(3)    Damaging national reputation and interests;

(4)    Instigating ethnic hatred, discrimination and sabotaging ethnic unity;

(5)    Sabotaging national religious policies and advocating cults and feudalistic superstition;

(6)    Spreading rumors to disturb social order and sabotage social stability;

(7)    Spreading obscenity, eroticism, gambling, violence, murder, terrorism or subornation;

(8) Insulting or slandering other person or infringement upon other person’s legal rights, or

(9) Containing any other contents which are prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

2.    You shall not use Easy Scanner Account for any illegal purpose or use the same to conduct any illegal activities, including but not limited to:

(1)    Using Easy Scanner app to carry out any act which may adversely affect the normal operation of internet;

(2)    Embezzling, gaining illegal access to or abusing other user’s Easy Scanner Account, other Corporate Account or information contained in such Account;

(3)    Falsifying facts miliciously, or concealing truth to mislead and deceive others;

(4)    Publishing, transmitting, spreading advertising information and junk information, initiating, continuing or joining any speculation or illegal plan in any manner, or utilizing network and any other communication means to harass other person;

(5)    Releasing, spreading, disseminating, storing the Contents which infringe upon the intellectual property and trade secrets of others; or spreading or distributing or otherwise diffusing any document containing any picture, photo, software or other data which is protected by intellectual property law, unless you have corresponding rights, authorization or have obtained necessary approval; or

(6)    Any other act prohibited by laws and regulations.

3.    You shall not engage in any activity jeopardizing the legitimate interests of Bfery. Unless expressly provided by law or Bfery has consented in writing, you shall not conduct any act not expressly authorized under these Terms during the use of Easy Scanner Account, including but not limited to:

(1)    Deleting all the information regarding the copyright of Easy Scanner Account;

(2)    Reproducing the information of Easy Scanner Account (including but not limited to the information stored in any terminal device during the use of Easy Scanner Account as well as the information exchanged between client and server, etc.) for commercial purpose, or amending, altering or mounting or creating any derivative works or products in any form including but not limited to using plug-in, add-on or third party tool/service to connect with, disturb or affect the Software and related system;

(3)    Restricting, prohibiting or otherwise interfering in or affecting any other person’s use or enjoyment the services of Easy Scanner Account (except for such safe and protection tools as parental control), including but not limited to releasing or transmitting any information or software in the following nature: the information or software including worm, virus or any other harmful function, or the traffic of which so generated may impede the using, sending or searching of information by others;

(4)    Having access to or attempting to have access to Easy Scanner Account by any automatic means;

(5)    Using related information and Contents of Easy Scanner Account for commercial use, lease, borrowing, reproduction of data, amendment, linking, reprinting, assembly, publication, and establishment of mirror image station, etc.;

(6)    Carrying out any operation for the purpose of manipulation or distortion, making any rating or comment which may damage Easy Scanner Account, or conducting any act that may affect the completeness or accuracy of the services of Easy Scanner Account; or

(7)    Any other act without the express authorization of Bfery.

4.    If you conduct any of the foregoing acts, you shall independently undertake related liabilities and we are not liable howsoever. If any damage is thus caused, you shall make compensation according to law, and we reserve the right to recover loss and claim for compensation according to law.

5.    You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Bfery from and against any loss incurred by Bfery arising from your violation of these Terms, including but not limited to any claim, demand or loss made by any third party arising from or resulting from your act, and necessary expenses for us to deal with related matters such as attorney's fee.

IX.    Intellectual Property

You understand and agree that Bfery has all the lawful rights to Easy Scanner Account, including the intellectual property in respect of software and services.

The information contained in Easy Scanner Account includes but is not limited to: words, software, audio/video files, pictures, graphs, all Contents contained in advertisement and the commercial information we provided to you. The information and Contents contained in Easy Scanner Account will be protected by copyright law, patent law, trademark law and other relevant laws and regulations. You may use these Contents only after obtained our authorization, or you shall not reproduce, alter, compile these Contents, or create any derivative works in connection with such Contents.

Unless we and you otherwise agreed in writing, these Terms has not authorized you to use the name of any software, trademark, service mark, logo, domain name and other labels which have prominent features of the brand in respect of Bfery.

X.    Limitation of Liability

1.    Please create Easy Scanner Account and use the Services through the official channels we provide. Otherwise, we are unable to guarantee the safety of your account. In addition, we will not be liable for any loss incurred by you or any third party due to your use of unauthorized account.

2.    You are required to use Easy Scanner Account in a proper way. You may contact us directly to obtain necessary help: You will be liable for any loss due to your improper setting or improper operation.

3.    You fully understand that Easy Scanner Account will involve internet services and may encounter various risk factors which may cause the relevant sercies be suspended. We will use our best efforts to conduct timely repair, provided that you shall be solely responsible for all losses incurred thereby, and we are not liable. Such risks include but is not limited to the service interruption and disruption as a result of the following reason:

(1)    Damage due to computer virus, trojan or other malicious program, and hacker attack;

(2)    A fault takes place in the software, system, hardware or communication lines of the terminal devices of the users or Bfery;

(3)    Accident, natural disaster or governmental act;

(4)    Users’ use of any service which is not provided or authorized by Bfery; or

(5)    Any other force majeure or factor beyond Bfery’s control.

4.    We will not provide any guaranty of any kind for any unpredictable or uncontrollable technical defect in the product, service stability and any loss or damage thereby caused; unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations.

5.    We suggest you regularly export the business card information for proper backup. We will not be liable directly or indirectly for any direct or indirect loss incurred during the period in which Easy Scanner Account cannot be normally used.

XI.    Use by juveniles

Easy Scanner Account does not directly target any juvenile users. If you are a juvenile user and decide to register Easy Scanner Account to use Easy Scanner app any way, please first have the consent of your guardian and/or other adult with guardianship duties and use the services under the guidance and supervision of your guardian or any other adult with guardianship duties. In addition, your guardian and/or other adult with guardianship duties shall be responsible for helping you to correctly understand the contents of these Terms and other related legal documents in order to guide you to use Easy Scanner Account and Easy Scanner app in a correct way.

XII.    Notification of infringed contents and counter notification procedures

1.    Infringement notification:

Except for the provisions of these Terms, if any individual or group finds that any other user has infringed upon its lawful rights or interests by transmitting information through the use of our services, such individual or group (hereinafter referred to as “Complainant”) will notify us in writing by giving us an official infringement notification for the purpose of protecting intellectual property rights. The infringement notification will include the following contents:

(1)    Detailed contact information of the Complainant, including its name, a copy of its identity card or passport (in case of an individual), a copy of its registration certificate (in case of a group), address, telephone number, fax and email address;

(2)    Contents of suspected infringement as shown in this service to facilitate us to notify the user who manages the contents;

(3)    Materials as preliminary proof of infringement act;

a)    Ownership certificate to certify Complainant’s trademark rights, copyrights and other exercisable rights to the Contents pursuant to law in respect of the Contents of suspected infringement;

b)    Specifying the contents of the suspected infringement has infringed upon the Complainant’s legitimate interests set forth in Section a) above;

c)    The infringement notification shall also include the following statement: “(i) I own the rights or I am authorized to exercise the rights; (ii) I state that the information contained in the infringement notification is adequate, true and accurate, and I am the owner of the statutory rights specified in Section a) of this infringement notification or I am authorized to exercise such rights. My lawful rights and interests are infringed upon by the Contents contained in the web pages which is suspected of infringement; and (iii) I hereby confirm that if anything contained in this infringement notification is untrue, I would liable for such misrepresentation”.

2.    Counter notification:

If we remove your Contents or interlinkage based on the infringement notification, you may submit to us an official written counter notification. To enable us to deal with your counter notification as soon as possible, your counter notification shall be made in the following format (including numbering of the items):

(1)    Detailed contact information, including its name, a copy of its identity card or passport (in case of an individual), a copy of its registration certificate (in case of a group), address, telephone number, fax and email address;

(2)    The information, contents or web pages removed by us;

(3)    Materials as preliminary proof of non-infringement;

a)    The materials which can prove the legality of the Contents removed, including but not limited to the materials which can prove your rights to the Contents removed or that you have been authorized to exercise the rights to the Contents removed;

b)    The counter notification shall also include the following statement: “(i) I own the rights or I am authorized to exercise the rights; (ii) I have the right or am authorized to provide or release the information or Contents which are removed; I state that the information contained in the counter notification is adequate, true and accurate, and I am the owner of the statutory rights specified in Section a) of the counter notification or I am authorized to exercise such rights; and (iii) I hereby confirm that if anything contained in this counter notification is untrue, I would bel liable for such misrepresentation”.

(4)    Please sign on the counter notification. In case you are an institution or organization established pursuant to law, please affix your common seal thereto.

3.    Please send the foregoing materials and your contact information to the following address and entitle the envelop as follows: “counter notification for infringement materials”.

No 1, Pham Van Bach street, Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Ha Noi, Viet Nam, Postal code: 100000

4.    We will deal with your effective counter notification immediately upon the receipt of the same. You agree that we have the right to reproduce the notification and provide it to a third party to investigate related facts. We will also contact you via email or any other means with regard to such matters.

XIII.    Formation and effectiveness of these Terms

By using and registration with Easy Scanner Account, you signify your consent to and acceptance of these Terms, i.e., these Terms will be binding upon you. If you do not consent to these Terms, please stop using Easy Scanner Account immediately.

XIV.    Amendment to these Terms

We have the right to amend the provisions of these Terms, if necessary. Generally we will make an announcement thirty (30) days in advance through our website, or via email or by any other means. If you do not accept the amendment, please stop using Easy Scanner Account immediately. Your continual use will signify your acceptance of the Contents of the amended Agreement.

XV.    Amendment to and interruption, suspension and termination of Easy Scanner app Business

1.    You may terminate the use of Easy Scanner Account at any time. If you wish to cancel your Easy Scanner Account, please contact to us: You could use your registration email to send the application of your account cancel. We will cancel the account after verification.

2.    Your Easy Scanner Account is only allowed to be used by yourself. Please do not share your Easy Scanner Account with any others. Or we cannot ensure the safety of your data.

3.    In case of any of the following, we have the right to suspend or terminate the services of Easy Scanner Account provided to you without giving any notification:

(1)    The personal information you provided is inaccurate, untrue, illegal or invalid;

(2)    You violate the provisions of these Terms;

(3)    You fail to pay Bfery in full amount;

(4)    As required by law or competent authorities; or

(5)    Other necessary circumstances.

4.    If your Easy Scanner Account has not been signed in for 9 months when no paid services is used, we have the right to terminate your Easy Scanner Account to prevent the resource waste. The losses for such (including but not limit to the information losses, etc.) would be afforded by yourself.

5.    If the Services are terminated, your Easy Scanner Account will be cancelled. We have the right to thoroughly deleted the information in such Easy Scanner Account, and we will not obligate such Easy Scanner Account user any more.

XVI.    Severability

If any provision of these Terms is held to be illegal or unenforceable by any court or arbitration agency, the other provisions will still be valid and binding.

XVII.    Governing law and jurisdiction

1.    If you are a user of paid services, the provisions on governing law and jurisdiction provided in the paid servcie purchase agreement shall apply mutatis mutandis to the governing law and jurisdiction during the period of the paid services and in connection with the paid services.

2.    Except for the foregoing circumstance,

The formation, effectiveness, performance of these Terms and the construction and dispute resolution of these Terms shall be governed by the laws of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam (regardless of rules of conflict of laws); in case of any dispute or controversy between you and Bfery, such dispute shall first be settled based on friendly consultation. The language for the arbitration shall be Vietnamese or English.

3.    All the headings used in these Terms are inserted only for the sake of prominence and convenience for reading. They do not have any actual meaning and will not be taken as the basis for the construction of these Terms.

XVIII.    Miscellaneous

With regard to amendment to any service agreement, change to services or any other important matters, we will make an announcement through our website or notify you via email or by any other means. After thirty (30) days of the announcement or upon the sending of the email to your registered email, such notification will be deemed to have been served.

We welcome your feedback in respect of Easy Scanner Account. Unless otherwise expressly stated, any feedback sent from you will be deemed to be non-confidential contents. You agree that we may, at our own discretion, decide whether to publicize or publish such contents. And you agree to authorize us to use the same at no cost and to amend, adapt, adjust design or change related technical plans based on actual situation or make any amendment based on our requirements.

If you have any opinion or suggestion with regard to our services or this User Agreement, you may contact us via our customer service department at, and we will use our best efforts to provide your with timely and necessary help.

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